Works with Microsoft® Excel® based files
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- Prepare Your File For Translation Or Repurposing
- Make Your File Consistent

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PhraseSwapper searches your entire file: Headings, Sheet Names, Headers, Footers, Conditional Formats, Charts, etc., and lists the language terms so you can easily see inconsistencies. PhraseSwapper will quickly exchange any terms with alternate terms, leaving things like formulas, functions, and pivot tables working properly. You save large blocks of time and endless frustration in "find and replace" tasks. You can re-use your file in another language, market, or industry.

Before and after shots showing Week 1, Week 2 and other phrases listed in English and replaced with Chinese. PhraseSwapper Will Help You:

  • Repurpose Your File For Another Language, Industry, Or Client
  • Re-Use Your Work For Other Applications
  • Discover Your File Content
  • Update Your Terms
  • Make Your Terminology Consistent
  • Give Your Work A Professional Finish
  • Broaden Your Market Reach
  • Save Time!

PhraseSwapper Saves Time, Effort, And Headaches, Compared To "Find & Replace":

PhraseSwapper Find & Replace
Maximum Number Of Terms That Can Be Swapped At Once All Terms In File 1
Finds Terms You May Not Be Aware Are In The File YES NO
Updates Column Headings With No Need To Reconstruct Pivot Tables YES NO
Updates Sheet Names YES NO
Updates Headers And Footers YES NO
Updates Conditional Formats YES NO
Updates Data Validation Lists YES NO
Updates Embedded Chart Titles And Axis Labels YES NO
Updates Text Inside Of Shapes (boxes, circles, etc.) YES NO
Distinguishes Between Constants And Function Names YES NO
PhraseSwapper uses 3 simple steps to transform your Microsoft Excel based files:
  1. PhraseSwapper will Acquire all the text into one list, a 'Library'
  2. You assign any desired alternate text in the 'Library'
  3. PhraseSwapper will Exchange the original terms with the alternates

When it comes time to put your file into a different language, or simply make it more consistent, you are left with an arduous find and replace task. Even a simple spreadsheet can contain elements of text (words, terms) in many different places that are easily overlooked by a manual search task.

Gumshoe, The Worker
Using PhraseSwapper is like having an industrious worker ant doing the tedious work for you.

PhraseSwapper searches every place in your spreadsheet that text might be found, ignores numbers and formulas without text, and lists the unique terms for you in a spreadsheet. Then, you can easily look to see whether all of your terminology is consistent, spelled correctly, etc. If you want to translate or repurpose the file, you tell PhraseSwapper which terms to replace with new ones, and PhraseSwapper gets busy making the exchange.

PhraseSwapper distinguishes between functions, numbers and true text entries. Additional information regarding robust Find / Replace Solution criteria may be found on the Find/Replace Improvements page.

PhraseSwapper is designed for Microsoft Excel versions XP, 2003, and 2007 running on Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7. PhraseSwapper is not designed for use on other platforms.


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