Common Sandblasting Mistakes People Usually Do 

The moment you need to clean anything in an efficient and quick manner, then sandblasting is considered as one of the most highly recommended ways that you should try. While it is most often utilized in commercial properties, the sandblasting process actually has a lot of uses around your home too. This cleaning method involves shooting small particles or pellets out of the air compressor machine at a high speed. Once these particles strike the surface that you are cleaning, any debris you can find on the surface such as rust or old paint will be blasted away. 

While we can say that sandblasting is really an effective process, there are actually a lot of potential mistakes that are also involved during the process. As a matter of fact, sandblasting can be very dangerous. Aside from that, there’s a big possibility that it can also damage a lot of surfaces. In this article, we will take a much closer look at this kind of cleaning method as well as the mistakes that are most commonly done by commercial and residential property owners, and even by contractors who are working on different commercial and residential projects.  

Most property owners and inexperienced contractors do not follow the right safety measures. Sandblasting procedure mainly involve tiny abrasive particles that are flying around at an extremely high-speed rate. Obviously, once these certain particles can be able to take off paint or rust, they can also do more serious damages to the skin as well as other surfaces in your property. Certainly, following the necessary safety measures is a must when you attempt to do the sandblasting process on your own. 

Covering your skin must be your very first concern. Even though full body coveralls are not something that residential property owners have on hand in their home, they can actually be bought at a low cost at different paint supply stores. Furthermore, these affordable coveralls are often made of very thin or paper fabric. 

Additionally, heavy glovers are another must-have when you do sandblasting. It’s very important that you choose a pair that extends up your arms as much as possible. Leather is actually the best option you can have. Try to make sure that there will be no any skin left that is exposed between your sleeve and your glove. 

The protection of your face should also be considered as an important concern. As a matter of fact, goggles should be worn to have your eyes properly protected. However, a mask with full face cover can offer you with more protection against the abrasive small particles during the sandblasting procedure. A mask that has a clear pull-down shield is also appropriate. If you or one member of your family plays paintball regularly, the masks for that sport can also be able to offer you with ideal protection during a sandblasting process. When you are using your sandblaster, you also need to make sure that you stay out of range in order to make sure that you stay safe during the process. 

On the other hand, if you want a much milder process compared to sand blasting, then you can use soda blasting since it only uses sodium bicarbonate, which means it is an extremely mild form of abrasive blasting. 

Sandblasting Procedure: Important Things You Need to Bear in Mind 

Do want to have a quality and precise cleaning activity for your property? If yes, then you came to the right place. It’s because in this post, we will talk about sandblasting and why this process is just the right option for you as well as your commercial or residential property. 

Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is actually considered as a very effective way in order to get rid of any foreign materials and dirt particles that may have already accumulated on your commercial or residential property. Aside from the fact that it can clean your property well, it’s also used for paint removal. Because of the fact that sandblasting is a process driven by pressure, it’s highly recommended that only a professional and expert individual should do it. It is easier, faster as well as effective when it’s being performed by a skilled and professional individual. Furthermore, professional sandblasting contractors can also be able to make sure that the entire cleaning process is correctly and safely done and that all the dust is thoroughly cleared right after the process is done. Below, you will be able to learn more about sandblasting basics in order to help you fully understand the sandblasting process.  

1. What Materials Can Be Sandblasted? 

 As a matter of fact, there are many materials that you can sandblast. However, concrete and wood are considered as the most common materials. Here is a much closer look at the kinds of materials being used for the sandblasting process: 

Wood – Sometimes, painted wooden surfaces can slowly begin peeling of or fading away with time. In order to prevent paint chipping, the process of sandblasting is used in order to give finishing process to these items as well as preserve their quality.  

Concrete – The moment commercial property owners want to have their parking lines removed as well as refigure their parking lot or driveway, they often use sandblasting process. 

Cast Iron – The moment you use cast iron materials for your railing, there’s always a possibility that its paint might chip or peel off. Fortunately, the sandblasting technique can be used in order to prevent the cast iron material’s paint from chipping or peeling off. 

 2. The Sandblasting Process 

Sandblasting is referred to as the most commonly used techniques for cleaning materials. Here is a much closer look at the sandblasting process: 

Step 1 – The very first step of the sandblasting process is to identify which material needs to be cleaned. Aside from that, to know the equipment required in the process such as an air nozzle, a hopper, or a sandblasting gun.  

Step 2 – Next, what includes in the second step is the preparation of the surrounding area that needs sandblasting process. Cover or remove any delicate surface from your property that don’t need sandblasting. 

Step 3 – When you have already figured out which certain area needs sandblasting, then your chosen contractor can be able to begin with the procedure. If you want to know more about safe and proper sandblasting process, visit