Do want to have a quality and precise cleaning activity for your property? If yes, then you came to the right place. It’s because in this post, we will talk about sandblasting and why this process is just the right option for you as well as your commercial or residential property. 

Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is actually considered as a very effective way in order to get rid of any foreign materials and dirt particles that may have already accumulated on your commercial or residential property. Aside from the fact that it can clean your property well, it’s also used for paint removal. Because of the fact that sandblasting is a process driven by pressure, it’s highly recommended that only a professional and expert individual should do it. It is easier, faster as well as effective when it’s being performed by a skilled and professional individual. Furthermore, professional sandblasting contractors can also be able to make sure that the entire cleaning process is correctly and safely done and that all the dust is thoroughly cleared right after the process is done. Below, you will be able to learn more about sandblasting basics in order to help you fully understand the sandblasting process.  

1. What Materials Can Be Sandblasted? 

 As a matter of fact, there are many materials that you can sandblast. However, concrete and wood are considered as the most common materials. Here is a much closer look at the kinds of materials being used for the sandblasting process: 

Wood – Sometimes, painted wooden surfaces can slowly begin peeling of or fading away with time. In order to prevent paint chipping, the process of sandblasting is used in order to give finishing process to these items as well as preserve their quality.  

Concrete – The moment commercial property owners want to have their parking lines removed as well as refigure their parking lot or driveway, they often use sandblasting process. 

Cast Iron – The moment you use cast iron materials for your railing, there’s always a possibility that its paint might chip or peel off. Fortunately, the sandblasting technique can be used in order to prevent the cast iron material’s paint from chipping or peeling off. 

 2. The Sandblasting Process 

Sandblasting is referred to as the most commonly used techniques for cleaning materials. Here is a much closer look at the sandblasting process: 

Step 1 – The very first step of the sandblasting process is to identify which material needs to be cleaned. Aside from that, to know the equipment required in the process such as an air nozzle, a hopper, or a sandblasting gun.  

Step 2 – Next, what includes in the second step is the preparation of the surrounding area that needs sandblasting process. Cover or remove any delicate surface from your property that don’t need sandblasting. 

Step 3 – When you have already figured out which certain area needs sandblasting, then your chosen contractor can be able to begin with the procedure. If you want to know more about safe and proper sandblasting process, visit