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PhraseSwapper Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Microsoft Excel are supported? PhraseSwapper is designed for use with Windows versions of Microsoft Excel XP, Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007.

Does PhraseSwapper work with the Mac? No.

What are the differences between the Trial and full versions? The Trial version will list approximately 15 phrases. It will search the same locations as the Full edition during the Acquire step, and will also 'Swap' the original phrases with the alternates.

Does PhraseSwapper translate languages? No. PhraseSwapper can be an aid for translation. Translation is a skill that takes into account much more than simple replacement of a few words. The usefulness of Phraseswapper for translation is based on the observation that most spreadsheets are very limited in the usage of text; most often it is a noun used for a title, or a full sentance included as a comment.

Why won't PhraseSwapper search my VBA? We decided to exclude identifying strings in VBA for a number of technical reasons. Some of these have to do with the changes in how the VBA project is, or is not trusted in Office 2007 as compared to the earlier versions.

Does Phraseswapper respect document protections? Yes. If your Microsoft Excel workbook is protected, PhraseSwapper will not be able to gain access to many of the locations that text elements may be found. You must be permitted to write to the Library file during the Acquire step, and you must be permitted to write to the Target file during the Swap step.

Will Document Properties be searched? No. This is by design so that document traceability is maintained.

Why won't the headings on my data list change? So that your pivottables do not break without your knowledge. Pivottables depend on their source data column headers remaining the same. If PhraseSwapper detects that a Pivot table depends on a range of cells in the same workbook, the column headings will not be changed. We do allow you to remove this constraint by checking the 'Source Data Header' option. When you check this option, you will need to fix your pivottables.

Is PhraseSwapper case sensitive? No. PhraseSwapper performs a case insensitive check.

How does PhraseSwapper handle punctuation? PhraseSwapper includes punctuation as a part of the text. Punctuation is a key part of languages.

What are the character set limitations? PhraseSwapper has been used successfully with many charactersets, including Danish, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

What about text direction, dates, currency numbers and other presentation preferences? PhraseSwapper does not change text direction, date formats, number or currency formats. PhraseSwapper will ignore any cell with a numerical result unless there is text in the formula. For instance, the formula '=3+4' will be ignored completely, but the formula '=If(a1="Blue",1,5)' will result in 'Blue' being added to the library during the Acquire or exchanged during the Swap.

PhraseSwapper missed some phrases during the swap. Why? There may be several reasons for this. Among them are the following:

  • an alternate is assigned. Leaving the alternate cell empty will leave the original phrase in place.
  • used a comment flag to exclude the cell.
  • excluded the cell based on a selected option.
  • the cell may use a function that is excluded.
  • the cell was protected, hidden or used in a pivottable data source header column.
  • the shape is an OLE object (Button, checkbox, textbox, etc.) and the trust settings do not allow access.
  • the Target changed between the Acquire and Swap operations. PhraseSwapper does not track these interium changes. You can perform another Acquire operation and use a copy of the library. If the suspect phrase is at the bottom of the Key Phrase list and does not have an alternate, it likely wasn't part of the target file during the original Acquire step.

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